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Don’t we all wish there was a small pill available we could take to make some of the flab disappear?

It’s a bit scary under my armpits with a “creepiness” that came on so fast–and to make matters worse, my kids even remarked on it with a smirk on their faces. I am so embarrassed wearing short sleeve dresses for my arm and something to hide my “gooseneck” at the same time! My dermatologist says there is nothing I can do about it as time rolls around and gets progressively worse. I wonder what my arms will look like in about 10 years? Maybe I’ll join the circus as the Bat Lady!

Do you have any answers on how to slow things down a little? Nearly everyone is touting these magical creams and guess what? I’ve tried them all with NO visible difference. Even Trump’s girls are selling these “so called magic formulas.”

As a single Mom with three kids, it will be difficult to attract nice young men with flapping arms with a bit of sagging flesh, I am sure my ex husband found another — a much younger woman, without the upper arms that flop around.

For a few short weeks I tried exfoliating with a loofa when after showering but nothing changed, then I tried weight training with weights up to 1/2 lbs which was quite strenuous but I am seriously considering doing this for the long haul. I will keep you informed of progress.

Do you know what the “keto” diet is? I’ll tell all in my next blog.


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