Well, Another Fun Day in The White House

I do not usually follow the news channels whether raw or unique. There are quite a lot of wafflers — especially the old guys with grey hair who ramble on trying to make a point that defies sensible facts. I have given up listening to Trump as most of his statements are modified as un-reality. A bit like looking into a warped mirror not unlike how psycho’s actually see things.

Notice how male-dominated the house has become over the years? It is slowly changing though and the mid-term electorate will possibly change forever after November this year. So what thoughts do you have as we get nearer to countdown day? Notice how “things” are always changing. . . as things either get better or worse and never remain static. Look on the bright side and make it brighter to burn some of the darker elements.

Most of the electorate are either for or against the turmoil seen in the WH (White House) and I noticed people are becoming more spiritually aware. I see this as a good sign unless you watch the bad news every hour. Stay tuned to my blog spot and I promise not to chat about politics and religion unless it is to illustrate something a little different.

I will be writing short articles about helping other folks who really need a little nudge now and again, people who want someone to chat to about their problems, giving suggestions on how to make things go right for you, teenage problems, divorce and especially about embracing integrity — and with the right approach how things can be so much more fun in your life.

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