On Getting Old and Feeling It!

The older we get, the faster time flies! That means less time we have to get more things done. The bucket list can be one big pull (motivation) to get more goal completions done. We (all the oldies) feel that Saturday is just like every other day, which does take a little time to get pressure off. Yeah, we all got used to sleeping in much later on Saturdays and Sundays then relaxing to a mighty bacon and egg breakfast.

We have to confront the inevitable breakdown of physical functions, visits to the highly skilled doctors to take care of us with the correct treatment. Then, soon after, another body part miss-functions and so it is back to the DR again or his specialized buddy just down the hallway.

When we feel we are starting to age which kicks in when some of our senses start to diminish, when our sense of balance feels like we’ve just come off the local roller-coaster, then we require support from family or spouse for balance – it might be time to invest in a ‘walker.’

What attitude should we develop as the creepy skin under the arms, face and some body parts? Is it wise to invest in more fancy creams to maintain our youthful looks? A positive look at aging and having an emotional wellness will do wonders for overall health with fewer visits to the doctor.

Let me have your comments please.


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