Watch Your Words

Representing Our Heritage

A slip of the tongue can have severe implications on both national and international matters. In a discussion on US immigration policy, President Trump was quoted referring to African nations as “Shithole countries” This statement received a lot of criticism from African-Americans as well as African nations.

Imagine the president of the US using such words to isolate a group of people. Do we expect such words from a person occupying such a high office in the largest nation on earth?

This can hardly be defined as a slip of the tongue, but rather a manifestation of racist statements from president trump. It is evident from recent happenings at the white house in which “people of color” have lost senior positions in the US state department.

The trump administration has been associated with sediments and actions that have tried to downplay the gains the Obama administration had made for example in regards to healthcare.

These racial sediments are seen as a move to emphasize the traditional war of words and Policies between the Democrats and GOP. Such statements might have a significant impact on US foreign policy, especially towards African countries and black Americans. We have witnessed a shift from the Obama administration as massive cuts in aid to support various projects in African countries since the Trump administration took over power.

In the recent developments where president Trump is seeking to impose tariffs on Chinese imports, A leading US foreign affairs official Davis Malpass was quoted in the media by reporters in Buenos Aires saying that treasury had “discontinued” the discussions with Chinese officials, only to reappear later in the news saying “I misspoke” and that the higher officials will participate in talks with Chinese officials on the matter.

This slip of the tongue of top US administration officials could have dire consequences on trade relations between these two countries and might lead to trade wars since these words are by a senior White House (WH) official.

In the 2008 elections in an interview in ABC by George Stephanopoulos, Obama was quoted saying “What I was suggesting- you’re absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith”, before Stephanopoulos came to his aid and corrected him “your Christian faith. It could easily be interpreted that Obama was a Muslim and could have severe implications on his election, considering the war on terrorism.

Senators and congress representatives from both Democrats and GOP have had their fair share of slip tongues, as the war on both sides continues to range.

The best way to avoid the consequences associated with slip tongue is correcting the mess created as soon as possible to prevent dire consequences associated with a slip tongue. At times may be irreversible, but you can try your best by making corrections.

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