Is Your Marketing Campaign Showing Results?

Once you’ve measured the results of your marketing campaign, you’ll be able to make decisions about the marketing strategies you’ve used and future campaigns. Suppose that your bike seat marketing campaign increased bike seat sales 41%. You’d decide to repeat it again next year wouldn’t you?

And assuming you had the tracking in place to know which marketing strategy produced results, you could tweak your campaign accordingly. If the data showed that only 2%  increase in sales came from your Twitter and Facebook strategies, you might decide not to bother with that aspect of this campaign next year. Or you might decide to repeat the whole marketing campaign as designed and see if the results for these two strategies improve.

Of course, your sales results for the months involved may show no improvement or even a decline, making this marketing campaign a bust. That happens sometimes, too. You might have to go back and do some serious revamping or even scrap the whole bike race sponsorship campaign. It can be nasty at times.

But if you’ve set up your marketing campaign properly and kept records of what you’ve been doing, at least you have data to make these kinds of correct marketing decisions. Getting the campaign going with all your ducks in a row will rocket you to the top of the leader boards!


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